Art & Architecture Tour
Naoshima - Art Island
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Minami-dera by Tadao ANDO in House(Ie) Project
TOUR Included
7 nights accommodation
7 Breakfasts in hotel
2 Dinners(Japanese & Beef steak)
1 Lunch (sanuki Udon noodle)
Private Transfer on Day 1) 3) to port, & 6)
Guided service for 2 days on Day 2) & 6)
Ferry boat fare to Naoshima & Takamatsu
Ohara Museum Curator's lecture
Naoshima House(Ie) Project admission fee

8 Days Tour
Kurashiki, Naoshima, Takamatsu, & Kobe
Tour Starts: Okayama Airport/JR station
Tour Ends: Kobe/Osaka/Kansai Airport, or in Kobe

In the Seto Inland Sea there is a small island called Naoshima. Naoshima and Naoshima Art projects have promoted the creation of artworks that are deeply concerned with local history and life.
Naoshima, the entire island becomes a stage of art exhibition since 2001. The special art exhibition called Naoshima Standard makes us feel the richness of this island that assimilated art into its landscape as seen on Chichu museum design by Tadao Ando. At all the art projects you will hear fruitful dialogues between art and people.
Naoshima is not merely an exhibition venue; it is both a stage for art and a space activated and developed by art.
This tour is focused on Naoshima art, but also encourages you to visit more art sites, Ohara Museum, Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, Ando's art works, and fine art works in Seto Inland Sea.

Tour Cost : 288,000 Japanese yen per person~ (double occupancy)

    Based on Double occupancy
    Designed daily departure
    Sun Dep: Ohara Museum closed on Mon
    Wed Dep: No Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

    Chichu Museum closed on Monday

Please ask us for single occupancy
Please ask us for up-graded plan and cost

Itinerary Overview :

Day 1
Arrive JAPAN/Okayama
Arrival in Oakayama via Narita/Nagoya/Kansai/Osaka Airport.
Upon your arrival in Okayama, private transfer to hotel

Day 2
Visit Ohara Museum
Kurashiki Old town and street
(Guided walking tour in Kurashiki)
Day 3
Kurashiki - Naoshima
Private Transfer to Uno-Port
Transfer by ferry boat to Naoshima.
Visit Naoshima Art Site
House (Ie) Project, Chichu Museum, and art sites in Naoshima.
(In Naoshima public transportation & Benesse van are used)
Day 4
Enjoy Art Island Naoshima
Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Naoshima port and newly opened public bath.

Day 5
Naoshima - Takamatsu
Transfer by ferry boat to Takamatsu
Visit Japanese garden Ritsurin Park
Enjoy Japanese Iron-chef Nakamura Komei's cuisine

Day 6
Takamatsu - Kobe
Private transfer to Mure
Visit Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum.
(Tue, Thu, & Sat. only)
Shikokumura & Art Gallery designed by Tadao ANDO
Enjoy local food-Sanuki Udon noodle for lunch. Go back to Takamatsu and take a express bus(public) to Kobe (2.5 hours)
Day 7
Visit Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art designed by Tadao Ando
Enjoy Japanese beef for the farewell dinner in Kobe.
Day 8
Kobe - Kansai/Osaka Airport
Shuttle van transfer to Kansai/Limousine bus to Osaka Airport to return home.

Tour Features :

Ohara Museum Curator's Lecture
Kurashiki, Okayama

Naoshima Contemporary Art
Naoshima, Caraway

Ritsurin Park (Japanese Garden)
Takamatsu, Kagawa

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
(Tue, Thu, Sat reserved visit only)

Japanese iron chef Nakamura Komei
Japanese cuisine in Takamatsu

TADAO ANDO's Art Works
Naoshima, Takamatsu, & Kobe
Chichu Museum in Naoshima
Shikokumura Gallery in Mura, Shikoku
Benesse Art Site Naoshima in Naoshima
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art


Hotels with focusing art and architecture

KURASHIKI (2 nights)
Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel
Standard Twin/Double room
Located in Bikan-district(old town)
For Your Up-Graded choice;
Ryokan Kurashiki
Japanese styled inn nicely renovated.

NAOSHIMA (2 nights)
Benesse Art Site Naoshima PARK
Standard Twin/Double room Located in Bikan-district(old town)
For Your Up-Graded choice;
Benesse Art Site Naoshima Main Museum & Oval

TAKAMATSU (1 night)
ANA Hotel Crement Takamatsu
Standard Twin/Double room
Located in front of Takamatsu port

KOBE ( 2 nights)
Hotel Okura Kobe
Standard Twin/Double room
Located in Kobe port district