Art & Architecture Tour - Naoshima - Art Island
Naoshima is a small island in Setonai-kai(Inland Sea of Japan) that is famous for its many art museums. The museum of contemporary art on Naoshima was opened in 1992 with a focus on the collaboration between nature and art. The basic concept is to create an architecture integrating into the surrounding landscape, all the while maintaining its autonnomy as an individual architecture.

The works of well-known Japanese architect, Tadao Ando, such as Benesse Art Site, Chichu Museum, and Minamidera in Ie(art house) project are the focus of this tour. Your art experience in Naoshima will stimulate the developing of a richer "dialogue" between man, nature, art, and architecture, if we are allowed to quote Ando's talk.
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Art & Architecture Tour - TOWADA & AOMORI Fine Museums
This tour is focused on a new type museums and art in Tohoku, the northern part of Japan. Towada Art Center was opened in the area of central Towada city in 2008 as "a museum district"for public art works and exhibitions. The defining characteristic of the Towada Art Center arises is the fact that the museum did not start from a plan to build a museum, but rather started as a project to question what is necessary for a city to be developed using art.

"Aomori Museum of Art was opened in July 2006 next to the Sannai Maruyama Historical Site, a cultural treasure of Jomon. "The inspiration for the architectural design of the Aomori Museum of Art comes from the excavation area of the historical site. Spaces created by the white walls - 'White Cube' exhibition rooms - and exhibition rooms created by the exposed earthen walls and floors of the trenches..."told Japanese architect Mr. Jun Aoki who designed this museum.
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Japanese Buddhism Study - KUKAI with Mount KOYA
Our Buddhism Study Tour is started to take you to the world of Kukai, or Kobo Daishi who is preeminent in Japanese cultural history. Legends about Kukai are still being told all over the country of Japan. With the common belief that as the inventor of the kana syllabary, he is considered the father of Japanese culture. He is also remembered as the founder of Shingon (Esoteric Buddhism) in Japan, the founder of the monastic center on Mt. Koya, and an originator of the pilgrimage circuit of eighty-eight temples on Shikoku.

We focus on Shingon Buddhism ceremonies held on Mt. Koya to participate on the tour. We also encourage you to try Ajikan meditation or sutra copying in Mt. Koya.
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Japanese Art & Craft Tour - Hagi Pottery & Izumo Shinto Shrine & Hiroshima
Connoisseurs of Japanese pottery rank hagi-yaki, the pottery of Hagi, second only to Kyoto's raku-yaki. Our art & crafts tour includes visiting Hagi city where the town itself is the art.

After a one hour drive, our tour continues with a visit Masuda city where Shimane Arts center is situated. Shimane Grandtoit consists of an arts center, art museum, and arts theater is the fine art itself, which was designed by Japanese architect Hiroshi Naito.

This tour also includes a trip to Izumo Shrine which is the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan. A shrine has existed on the site for the last 1500 years. All are constructed in the Taisha-zukuri style, considered Japan's oldest form of shrine architecture.
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Japanese Art & Craft Tour - 1) KYOTO Stay 2) OSAKA Stay 3) KOBE Stay
This tour is focused on the cities in Kansai area in the western part of Japan. We introduce the way of the local lifestyle in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe, and Himeji.

In Kyoto you will be able to see a famous aspect of Japanese culture, maiko, who are geisha in training. Geisha are traditional, female Japanese entertainers, perform classical music and dance. Plan to enjoy dinner with maiko and geisha. In Nara we focus more on the outside of the city where you can feel of Nara as you walk on the path to small temples. In Osaka and Kobe, we encourage you to enjoy as locals do in our daily life such as going to beauty shop or nail shop.
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Japanese Art & Nature Tour - HOKKAIDO Nature Art
Our Hokkaido Tour is focused on art, food, and nature seasonally. On the outskirts of Sapporo is Moerenuma Park. A general sightseeing package tour would not take you there, but on our art tour we include it , as this park is shows open air art work that was designed by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi.

Since we consider the hotel stay an art experience, we select Sapporo Grand Hotel for your stay in Sapporo. In addition, we have some options to get out for nature world such as Shiretoko World Heritage. "Shiretoko" in Ainu means "end of the world", and Shiretoko National Park hiking will make you feel that.
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Japanese Food Culture Tour - CRAB & BEEF ( Kinosaki Onsen & KOBE)
Japanese Food - Its own culture & expressions come from the nature. "Eating" is absolutely one of the highlights of the tour when you travel. The choice and quality of foods we focus on in this program provide you a chance to find the long history and culture of Japa. Food expresses the culture, with a message from nature, and shows the artistic sensitivity of the poeple who make it. Japanese cuisine especially has seasonal expression as you see in the dishware, fabrics, and flowers in the room.

We have now three programs. First is a tour that is focused on the particulare popular food - crab, beef, and oyster, to introduce you to understand more about Japanese fine food.
The second is a tour that is focused on the nutritional point - macrobiotic to tell the value and in Japanese way.
The third is focused on fine Japanese ingredients such as soy sauce and rice, Japanese sake and beer.
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Japanese Food Culture Tour - Macrobiotics in Japanese way
Japan has mantained a macrobiotic lifestyle for centuries, as the traditonal Japanese diet has been persevered from antiquity to modern times. By studying these natural laws, you can improve your understanding of how to create health and happiness in your lives. As a first step, we introduce this dietary program to help you understand and learn about the macrobiotic way of life. Then after the program, you will know what it takes to maintain a macrobiotic diet in your daily lifestyle.

This package is for poeple who are health conscious and who want to enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine that is natural and nutritious.
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Japanese Food Culture Tour - Wonderful Japanese Ingredients - Soy sauce & Somen
This program is focused on fine Japanese ingredients selected in among many find food, ingredients, and its places in Japan.

First the select items are Japanese fine thin noodle called Somen and soy sauce. We focus only local fine products and also small towns where they are made in. The tour introduces "Ibo no ito" somen and how they make such thin noodle, and also the system how they produce to the market. The locally made soy sauce itself tells you how different it is from the others. There are many kinds of soy sauce in Japan, and this tour also introduces you variety of kinds. Visiting the factory and trying their products make you understand more Japanese essential Japanese ingredients and like more to cook Japanese food at home with the recipes introduced on the tour.
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Japanese Art Tour - Shikoku Island & Setouchi Art Tour
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SHIKOKU 88 Buddhism Temple Pilgrimage
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