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"Kokoro" in Japanese word that encompasses spiritual concepts associated with Japanese heart such as peace, harmony, and balance.? In this theme Kokoro (Heart) of Japan we take a unique approach of featuring the kind of things you can feel in the real Japan. ?We have created some themed tours by collaborating with local experts.

JAPAN-Sacred Dwelling Place of Gods

Since ancient times, the Japanese people have lived in accordance with nature and believed every element could be a sprit of Shinto-gods (kami=spritual beings). All over Japan, there are consecrated rocks and evergreen trees in which kami (powerful beings) reside, as well as Shrines( generally called jinja) in which kami are enshrined and which usually consist of buildings surrounded by a grove of trees. We feature Japanese Buddhism including Zen, Japanese Shinto, and some of the traditional culture, including tea Ceremony and flower arrangement.

The Origins of Japanese Spirituality

Shinto is the first element we must talk about in regard to Japan, as it is the backbone of Japanese spirituality. Ise Jingu is the most revered Shinto shrine. It has been popularly referred to by the honorific “O-Ise-san” since ancient times. Izumo Shrine is the another World Heritage shrins. We feature mainly these two Shinto shrines to learn about what Shinto is and how we Japanese people pull Shintoism in our life.

Mount Koya is a sacred mountain where Master Kukai started Shingon school, one of Japanese Buddhism sects. You may feel that the view of Japan’s most historically significant Buddhist temples Mount Koya is another world. Staying in a monastery and try to follow their roles on the tour gives you some idea, attending a morning practice with chanting sutra, eating so called “Shojin ryori” (vegetable meals), meditation (Ajikan), and tracing a short sutra. During these temple stays immersed in the peace and tranquility you will come to understand how Buddhism is practiced.

Remains Pristine Prayers'Beauty

There are thousands of Zen Buddhist temples in Japan today. We feature Zen Buddhism in Kyoto and in Japan on the tour - learn about space for silence, "emptiness -"mu" and general expressions such as "no permanence", "no ego", and "no holiness".

The appreciation of Japanese garden requires a certain mindset and "pure mind". A garden is an expression of the sprit of the landscape designer and the sprit of nature. We see "heart of Japan" in Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement. With more than 1300 years of history, Japan has been creating and raising our own arts with their spirits.

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