Group Tour Arrangements

Tara Japan is happy to design a private tour for your group. Your group will enjoy a more in-depth experience and understanding about Japan from tours which focus on their particular interests. In order to include some private nature treks as well as extraordinary cultural aspects, the recommended group size is up to 25 people. Group tours can be customized for a minimum of 5 people. All tours are conducted by a Japanese tour coordinator.
“How would you like to spend your precious time in Japan?”

Prospective Group Tour Designs with foreseen events:

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennaire in Niigata

Recommended dates: July, 2009
Suggested group size: small ( maximum : 15 people)

Japanese Antique Tour

Recommended season: Spring & Autumn
Suggested group size: small (maximum: 18 people)

Macrobiotic − Japanese way & culinary tour

Recommended dates: Spring, Autumn, and winter for season of oyster
Suggested group size: small to medium (15 to 25 people)

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Group Tours organized in the past:

To give you some ideas, below are some group tours that we have arranged for our clients in the past.

Art & Architecture Workshop in Kobe Hyogo Prefectural Museum

2-day Workshop including demonstration of design and fashion show.
Lecturers: Architect Mr. Tadao Ando & Fashion Designer Mr. Issey Miyake
Architect Mr. Hiroshi Naito & Architect Mr. Ryue Nishizawa
Group from Hong Kong

Sense and Spatiality :Architecture of Medieval and Modern Japan

Private tour with focus on the art, architecture and historical sites in Chugoku
and Shikoku
Group from Hong Kong

Ganjin, Saicho and Muso: Shaping the Buddhist Landscape in Medieval Japan

Organized by The University of Hong Kong Museum Society
Group from Hong Kong

・ Gender in Japan - Study Tour for 21 days

College students study tour on the theme "Japanese Woman and Man"; including interviews with Japanese women and men for academic report.
Group From U.S.A.

Special & Sincere Thanks to;

Mr. Satoshi Yokoyama, Japanese architect
For his contribution of Art & Architecture Tour Naoshima Standard2
Tour from Hong Kong in 2007
Creation Core Higashi Osaka − Support for small and medium-sized manufacturers
For the acceptance of business inspection tour visit & discussion
Tour from China in 2007
Abe Hitoshi Atelier, Architect main farm in Sendai
For the acceptance of Art & Architecture tour visit & arrange dinner at Members-only restaurant Aobatei designed by Japanese architect Mr. Hitoshi Abe
Tour from Hong Kong in 2007
Imura Envelop Co., Ltd, One of leading envelope making company, Japan
For the acceptance of college students’ visit to their factory in Nara
Tour from U.S.A. in 2005
Sumanoura High School & Kobe Shinryodai Jr. High School, Kobe
For the acceptance of college & high-school students’ visit for their academic research
Tours from U.S.A. in 2005 & 2006

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