For individual customers, we are pleased to design tailor made tours to suit your specifications. If you would like your trip designed from the ground up to meet your specific requirements, we are here to serve you.

Personalized Tours

We are proud to announce our hand-tailored tour designing service, either escorted or non-escorted. As with our detailed itinerary you feel free to travel without any anxiety and enjoy every moment. We will introduce you to Japan’s hidden hot springs (onsen) and to rural towns where you can get a feeling for “Old Japan”. We will encourage you to learn about Japanese culture, try local food, and try various art & cultural events such as participating Nara Tokae summer festival. We will also encourage you to use public transportation such as Japan railways in conjunction with the Japan Rail Pass, catering to those interested in traveling throughout the country by train.

Cost associated with personalized tours

Creating a hand-tailored itinerary is time intensive and requires extensive experience, attention to detail and proven travel logistics. By paying a nominal design fee over the actual cost of the tour, you will not feel any anxiety while you enjoy exclusivity and privacy with friends and loved ones. It’s well worth the extra money to pay for designing.

Tara Japan Customized Tour :

Extended stays, before or after Tara Art and Cultural pre-designed Tours, can be organized for customers to suit their specific interests
Some of our previously customized tour plans may give you some hints for your own tour ideas.  

Best of Japan Art & Cultural Tour for 14 days,
Tour from U.S.A.

14 days touring starting from first Japan’s capital Nara towards highlights with enjoying Takayama Autumn Festival in Takayama. World Heritage site Shirakawago & Hakone hot spring Good combination of ”Old Japan” and ”modern luxury” vacation in Hakone

Our client’s  comment:

”We have told many people about the excellent guiding service Tara provides and the expert planning that went into every detail of our trip. It was especially nice that you tailored our trip to exactly the locations and types of events and accommodations that we requested. Everything about Tara's services was top notch and we enjoyed all of our experiences in Japan more because of your excellent care. And in addition Sugako is a great person with whom it is a pleasure to travel.”

Honeymoon to Japan - Sweet Memories in Japan for 14 days,
Tour from Singapore
Our client’s  comment:

My wife has known Sugako since 2002 and has been to Japan several times with Tara. When we got married in June 2006, she came all the way to Singapore to attend our wedding. it was my wife's wish to have our honeymoon in Japan, my first visit there. It has given me some of my best memories of the beauty, friendliness, courtesy and kindness that best exemplifies Japan and the Japanese people. Sugako, apart from her professional approach, was a great friend and guide, giving us a variety of snapshots of Japanese culture and life that we could not have envisaged for ourselves in the 14 days we were there. From picturesque Tatsuno, Himeiji Castle, Arima Onsen, shopping in Osaka and Tokyo to the natural beauty of Hakone. Visiting the high tech Panasonic museum, our tasty visit to Asahi Beer factory, the fascinating Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Arima Toy Museum... learning to wear traditional Japanese Kimono and Yukata, eating Okonomiyaki, Sushi at Tsutsuki FishMarket:), Yakitori, soaking ourselves in the oldest traditional hotsprings in Arima, etc. It sounds like a lot but the pace was pleasant and we had time to ourselves to relax and enough activities so that no two days were ever the same. Sugako, in case I didn't say it before thank you for the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of you planning and for the great experience you provided for us! Looking forward to our next trip with Tara soon!

In-Depth Cultural Understanding of Japan for 8 Days,
Tour from Singapore
Our client’s  comment:

After this trip arranged by Tara for the group of 4 of us, we came back and shared with many of our friends the excellent and heart warming experiences we have with Tara and the activities planned for us. We learned about traditional kimono dressing, interacted intimately with the locals and have a better understanding and appreciation of Japan culture and customs. We have 2 wonderful days and nights at Huis Ten Bosch where Sugako was so sensitive to our needs and acted ahead of us and allowed us to have a trouble-free time while she worked on every details of our trip and safety. Thank You Sugako ! We'll be back!

Scenic Tour of Hokkaido, Bizen Pottery Making, Japan Anime and FujiTV
Visit for 14 or 15 Days,Tour from Singapore & Malaysia
Our client’s  comment:

One year / Two years after the first tour planned by Tara, we returned to Japan this time to Hokkaido - where we have plenty scenic views, pleasant and friendly host at the B&B at Biei where we also learned more about Japanese lacquer and some traditional Japanese musical instrument and games played in the old times. We had such a great time and even till today - these wonderful memories and are still so heart warming. We then spent a day doing Bizen Pottery, learning about the clay and the making of pottery, We would not be able to do all these if not for Tara who planned all these itinerary wonderfully. Our visit to Ghilbi Museum and Fuji TV gave us great opportunities to recall those anime and Japanese dramas we watched in Singapore. The trip catered to our interests and was so unique that my second trip with Tara to Japan was once again memorable and brought me great fun and laughter. Thank You Tara for all your dedicated and personal service!

Select Tara Japan to unlock the treasures of Japan. We have extensive experience working with clients from around the world and welcome any inquiry you may have in either English or Japanese. Please feel free to contact us if Tara Japan can assist you.

Our pre-designed tours are all inclusive tours with carefully chosen hotels for each tour category, expert guides with the flexibility to tailor touring to your needs, and an itinerary designed with smooth routing.

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Our pre-designed tours are all inclusive tours with carefully chosen  hotels for each tour categories,expert guides with the flexibility to  tailor touring for your spare time, itinerary designed with smooth routing.