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This “theme” tour features select destinations particularly noted for Japanese craftsmanship in crafts, arts, and food, and architecture. Japanese crafts “art of the people” was produced by anonymous craftsmen whose products emphasized the beauty in objects used for years until nowadays modern Japan.

JAPAN-Gems of culture & crafts

Kyoto is the most enchanting destination in Japan to see Japanese crafts in culture. Thousands of temples in Kyoto you may find Japanese craftsmanship in their Japanese garden, for example in Katsura Rikyu.

Traditional elegance through the ages

This Theme tour will take you to various elements focused on Japanese arts and crafts. Japanese old pottery kilns such as Bizen, Arita, Hagi and see their fine arts and actually watch and feel their craftsmanship. When you enjoy Japanese tea-ceremony, we encourage you to appreciate their culture, not only learn how to drink Japanese tea, but to also learn Japanese sprit of Tea - harmony through tea. To learn the tea ceremony is to learn Japanese “wa”- harmony and peace - and to appreciate a peaceful balance, and Japanese hospitality.

Harmony and Respect in Artisan

We would like to encourage you to immerse yourself in the sprit of the Japanese seasonal celebrations on your way to understand Japanese crafts and craftsmanship in crafts and culture.

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