Tara Japan is internationally renowned for its exclusive and unique tours of Japan. We have Japanese tour specialists who can design a variety of custom services to both discerning business travelers and independent tourists.

Tara Japan specializes in planning and coordinating Japan travel tailored to your personal wishes and interests, particularly in the arts, traditions and culture of Japan. Our customized tours thus provide a depth and quality not found in commercial prefabricated group “packages.”

“How would you like to spend your time in Japan?”

This is the first question we ask in order to design a tour to meet your requirements.

“One more step deeper into Japanese culture and tradition is one more memorable and enriching heartfelt experience.”

Tara’s philosophy is to share with our guests from abroad as much of Japan’s rich and varied art and culture as your time permits.

“How would you like to spend your precious time in Japan?”

While our tours certainly do not neglect Japan’s spectacular scenic beauty, our overriding objective is to reveal to our visitors Japan’s art and cultural soul.

With our 10th anniversary, we are very happy to offer newly packaged pre-designed tour service, Tara Japan Arts and Cultural Tours, which cater to discerning visitors interested in experiencing first hand the essence of Japanese culture, traditions, arts and crafts.  These pre-designed tours are for individuals or a small private group of friends as well as for groups with ideally a maximum of 15 people. Our carefully selected destinations offer a variety of local flavor, and combined with our high attention to detail, you can be assured of a most comfortable and enjoyable stay in Japan.

Let us design a tour with your more specific interests in mind for an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.  To design a tour or for further information of pre-designed Tara Japan Art and Cultural Tours, in English or Japanese, please contact us at: CONTACT US or ENQUIRIES